Well Said: Helping new Tar Heels feel at home

On this week’s episode, rising junior Excellence Perry shares how he hopes to empower incoming Tar Heels as an orientation leader.

Before enrolling at Carolina as a first-year or transfer student, Tar Heels first complete an orientation program that acclimates them to life in college.

Each summer, current Tar Heels help guide these new students as orientation leaders.

Rising junior Excellence Perry is one of those students leading others. The public relations and advertising and management and society double major is helping welcome new students in this role for the second year.

The key to being a good orientation leader, he said, is going beyond simple logistics.

“Obviously, I want them to know where their classes are going to be, but those things come after the feeling of, ‘I can be here. I can do great things here. I can succeed here. I belong here,’” Perry said.

On this week’s episode, Perry shares how he empowers these new students to come to Carolina ready to pursue their passions — through answering questions, listening to students and dancing on stage.

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