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Well Said: An anti-diet approach to your resolution

For many, the start of a new year means a new resolution to get healthy. On this week’s podcast, director of Olympic sports nutrition Rachel Manor explains how to have a positive relationship with food.

As part of her role in UNC Athletics, Rachel Manor works with student-athletes on a weight-neutral approach to food consumption, which she likes to call “fueling.”

She teaches students not about diets, but about intuitive eating  — the intentional body check-ins before eating a meal.

“I tend to steer people away from diets,” Manor explained. “Research has shown that not only do diets not work, but restrictive eating is actually harmful in the college population for individuals of all sizes.”

On this episode of Well Said, Manor discusses the benefits of intuitive eating and some strategies anyone can adopt to be more mindful with their food experiences. Listen to the episode on SoundCloud.

Read a transcript of this episode.

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This episode of Well Said features music by Scott Holmes (“Aspire,” “Positive and Fun”) and Music Design by Jason Inc.