Well Said: Protecting yourself from swimmer’s ear

On this week’s episode, Dr. Christine DeMason shares some tips on how to protect yourself from a common ear infection that spikes during the summer.

It’s hot outside, and you want to cool off with a dip in the water. Before diving in, you know you need to protect your skin by putting on sunscreen. But you also need to protect your ears.

As an assistant professor of otolaryngology in the UNC School of Medicine and an eye, ear, nose and throat doctor, Dr. Christine DeMason treats a lot of common issues, like ear infections, tonsil issues and thyroid nodules. During the summer, though, she sees a spike in cases of a specific type of ear infection called swimmer’s ear.

On this week’s episode, DeMason will explain what swimmer’s ear is, who is most at risk and some things you can do to protect yourself from this painful ear infection.

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