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Well Said: Reducing stress through mindfulness

Kessonga Giscombé, a husband, father, faculty member and student, manages the stress in his life by practicing mindfulness — and teaching it, too.

Kessonga Giscombe

As a husband, father, faculty member and full-time student, Kessonga Giscombé is no stranger to stress, but he doesn’t let stress affect him by staying in the moment.

Specifically, he uses mindfulness, which he defines as paying attention to the present moment on purpose, without judgment.

Giscombé, a faculty member in the UNC School of Medicine’s Program on Integrative Medicine, teaches mindfulness courses at Carolina designed to introduce people to mindfulness and to reinvigorate the practice by others. These courses are open to the public.

On this week’s episode, we discuss mindfulness — what it is and what it isn’t — and the benefits that can come from its practice.

Read a transcript of this episode.

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