Well Said: Reshaping the future of journalism

Teaching associate professor Kate Sheppard at the UNC School of Media and Journalism is working with students in the school’s Reese News Lab to rebuild journalism and reshape its future.

Kate SheppardWhen Kate Sheppard graduated from college in 2006, the path for young journalists was pretty straightforward. You started at a small, local paper, then moved onto a bigger one and then a regional newspaper.

Maybe then you’d make it to a big market like Washington, D.C.

But Sheppard, an enterprise editor at the HuffPost, said that path is fundamentally broken now because the current business model in journalism isn’t working.

As a teaching associate professor at the UNC School of Media and Journalism, she works with students to reshape the future of journalism in her class called “Creating Tomorrow’s News Products.”

On this week’s episode, Sheppard explains how she encourages her students to explore problems and develop ideas — while teaching them valuable lessons they’ll need throughout their journalism careers.

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