Well Said: The economic impact of net neutrality

On this episode of Well Said, associate professors of economics Brian McManus and Jon Williams describe their research on how video streaming services and net neutrality laws are impacting the economy.

With video streaming services such as Netflix becoming more and more popular, associate professors of economics Brian McManus and Jon Williams are researching the economic implications of these services and the impacts of net neutrality laws on consumers’ wallets.

The increase in Americans’ reliance on video streaming services has, according to McManus and Williams, forced internet service providers to provide faster speeds, leaving cord-cutting consumers with internet and streaming services costs equaling their original cable bill.

Despite the popularity of video streaming services in the United States, McManus and Williams explained that there is little research on the economic impact of this new trend.

On this episode of Well Said, McManus and Williams describe their preliminary research and explain other interesting hypotheses they plan to investigate.

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