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Art and the Brain, Seminar Two: Literature and the Brain (Carolina Seminars)

Art and the Brain (AATB) – a UNC–Duke interdisciplinary conversation evening, Seminar Two: Literature and the Brain (Feb 15th, 6 PM)

As part of theCarolina Seminars program, this monthly event brings together faculty from the Departments of Psychology, Psychiatry, English and Comparative Literature, Neurology, and Art History to explore a unique aspect of our shared human experience: the intersection of literature and health.
Art, creativity, neurology, and psychiatry may appear as divergent disciplines, but their relations within brain function are a common feature. Reciprocally, art explores new ideas, metaphors, and conceptions that contribute to the ways we understand the brain, ourselves, and our world.
The second of this seminar series will focus onLiterature and the Brain, with panelists Jean-Baptiste Chantoiseau (Director of Flaubert Museum France; Professor of Art History), Inger Brodey (English and Comparative Literature), and two faculty from the Department of Medicine, as well as an open panel.

To attend in person or online, please fill out this form:https://forms.gle/bhN4Gv4cDJ9Vu7tD9  

If attending online, Zoom Link: 

Schedule:Wednesday, February 15th at 6:00pm

  • 5:30pm:Doors open, food and refreshments.
  • 6:00pm – 7:00pm:Discussions led by Jean-Baptiste Chantoiseau, Inger Brodey, among others.
  • 7:00pm – 8:00pm:Open panel on interdisciplinary interactions; informal discussion.


Through these seminars, we will build an interdisciplinary series of lectures that will bring faculty and students across different disciplines to understand the ways their respective fields interact and support each other.

Primary Conveners:

  • Aysenil Belger, Director, FPG Child Development Institute
  • Heidi Roth, Neurology

Primary Organizer:

  • Alexander Denza, Neuroscience & Comparative Literature

Please email adenza@email.unc.edu with any questions.

Link to Announcement for Art and the Brain, Seminar One 


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