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Gram-O-Rama 2022: Past the Participle of No Return (off campus)

Gram-O-Rama: Past the Participle of No Return tosses music, verbal whimsy, classical literature, pop culture and traditional grammar into a blender and serves you a comedic smoothie. The off-campus performance will take place on Saturday, Dec. 3 at 6:00 p.m. at the Mettlesome Theater.

Featuring performances by Mathew Atisa, Lydia Boshart, Alyson Cabeza, Mattie Collins, Spencer Cruz, Tori Danielik, Lauren Flors, Bradlei Griffin, Cassandra Kutay, Christopher Lipscomb, Hayley Minter, Jake Morgan, Danielle Richmond, Zinny Ubezonu and Tyson Weeks.

The Mettlesome Theater is located at 800 Taylor St., Suite 9-156, Durham, NC.

See the on-campus performance of Gram-O-Rama 2022 on Nov. 29.

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