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Structures of Inequality: Moving Forward on Equity and the Media

In the fall, Honors Carolina kicked off an ongoing examination of Systems of Inequality with a series of programs on structural racism. This semester, we will turn our attention to related questions of bias and discrimination. Topics will range from equity in the media to the rural-urban divide, college access, and mental health. We invite all members of the UNC community to join us for six topical discussions with faculty and professional experts, each paired with an hour of action. Please join us for “Moving Forward on Equity and the Media” with Paul Cuadros, Associate Professor, Hussman School of Journalism and Media. Learn more and RSVP at

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    Join us for "Women’s Leadership in the Federal Government" on Tuesday, March 9th, which will highlight women who have held or currently hold positions of leadership working for our country.

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    This conference explores the effects of state and national law on the lives of immigrants, as well as conditions leading to migration.

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    Conservatism in America has an uncertain future. On a host of issues including populism, free trade, and nationalism, conservatives are no longer united. Now, perhaps more than ever, what it means to be a “conservative,” where conservatism is likely headed, and where, ideally, it should direct itself are open to debate. A panel of political thinkers with different views on conservatism will discuss these critical questions.