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Virtual 2021 Senior Exhibition: This is Not an Exhibition

Join us to celebrate our graduating Studio Art seniors of Spring 2021 in a virtual exhibition of their ARTS 500 seminar works. 25 students have selected works from across artistic disciplines in many different formats and media.

The exhibition website will go live on May 10, 2021. Check our event link for the URL from that date.

Each student will be showing 1-3 original works. The overall purpose of the exhibition is to show what the zoom-fatigued Studio Art Majors of 2021 have learned during their college careers and how they have created their own artistic styles.

The location of this group exhibition is vital to the works of art exhibited. The current circumstances of having to be completely virtual add a layer of meaning to the works that otherwise would not exist. “This is Not an Exhibition” speaks to the fact that this online show cannot exude the same aspects that come with physical exhibitions despite the accommodations made, the same way no one can smoke out of a sketch of a pipe. This is not an exhibition, this is a virtual collection of works that will serve as a celebration of the accomplishments of the senior class, their determination to overcome the obstacles presented by this semester and their transition from undergraduate art classes into the world beyond.

These works are demonstrations of the artists’ skills and progress as art students and reflect the culmination of their creative vision. The artists work in a variety of styles and media, on projects that have been largely self-directed. While many are exhibiting semester-long projects, a few students are exhibiting multiple smaller works. The exhibition is a mixture of 2-D, 3-D, and 4-D works, involving different media, such as acrylic and oil paints, ink, colored pencils and graphite, animation, sculpture, and multimedia.

Participating Artists

Kaylee Barrera
Kimberly Boone
Eleanor Burcham
Sarah Byrnes
Bailey “Bai” Dalton
Aja Deshield
Hannah Etter
Olivia Gillingham
Carolyn Han
Samantha Hunter
Emily Lewis
Broderick Lyon
Elizabeth Macmillan
Andrew Martin
Anabelle Quarles
Kyra Rickman
Mingxuan Shen
Hayley Sutt
Kat Timm
Christina Vu
Davia Webb
Miranda Weber
Lydia Weinberger
Dylan Wicker
Annie Zheng

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