To be a Tar Heel

What does it mean to be a Tar Heel?

Tar Heels are artists, scientists, humanitarians, researchers and philosophers. Some have lived extraordinary lives. All are doing extraordinary things.

The #GDTBATH series celebrates the diversity of our students’ interests, backgrounds and personal journeys. Whoever you are, and wherever you are, it’s a great day to be a Tar Heel!


Recent Profiles

Tar Heels are rescuing puppies and protecting the planet. They care about global poverty, health care access and local politics. Their passions, talents and stories make our community great.

Meet just a few of the Tar Heels who make up our community.

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    John Vance is a studio artist taking classes in pottery. But in his free time, he also designs album art and runs an upcycle clothing line.

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    Junior Emma DeMartino leads Carolina Helping Paws, a student group that works with the Orange County Animal Shelter to help shelter animals and raise money for their medical procedures.

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    After 10 years enlisted in the Army and deployments to Turkey and Syria, junior Zack Nodden enrolled at Carolina to begin his path to an officer commission.

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