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Many features to enjoyThe Sakai community has identified a set of “core” capabilities that are adopted by virtually all institutions using Sakai. The core tools in the 2.8 release are listed below. In addition, there is a large number of add-on tools, called “contrib” tools developed by the community and in use by UNC.

Announcements: Post current, time-critical information to a site.

Assignments: Create and grade online or offline assignments.

Blog: Provides blogging capability for your class

Calendar: Maintain deadlines, activities and site related events

Chat: Engage in real-time conversations with site participants

Forums: Create, moderate and manage discussion topics and groups within a course and send private messages to site participants.

Drop Box: Share files privately with site participants

Email Archive: Access an archive of email sent to participants

Gradebook: Calculate, store and distribute grade information to students

News: Display custom news content from dynamic, online sources via rss

Profile 2: Create a profile and connect with others using in a social networking model.

Resources: Post, store and organize material related to the site

Site Roster: View a list of site participants and their pictures

Site Stats: View site usage statistics regarding user visits, tool activity, and resource activity.

Syllabus: Post a summary outline of course requirements

Tests & Quizzes: Create and manage online assessments

Web Content: Display external web pages

Wiki: Create and edit web content collaboratively

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UNC Contrib Tools


  • Discussions & Private Messages: An alternative discussion forum tool
  • Elluminate/Bb Collaborate Bridge
  • Migrate Content: A UNC-developed tool that extracts your Blackboard course export file (.zip) into Sakai Resources
  • Lessons: For creating content modules and sequences; can be organized by week or unit.
  • Modules: For authoring, publishing, and organizing learning sequences
  • Podcasts: For managing individual podcast and feed information
  • PostEm: An alternative to the Gradebook that allows instructors to upload a grades csv file
  • Sign-up Tool: Enables signup for meetings, office hours and other events.