Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Is Toy Lounge available on..?
Toy Lounge is only available Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm. The entire reservation process is online and you can view the calendar of confirmed and pending events by clicking on the Calendar link in the header. Since Toy Lounge is a self service room, organizers are responsible for both setup and cleanup, a minimum 45 minute space between events is required. This is both between the start AND end times of events. Please keep this in mind when finding a time for your event.

Q: How do I know if my reservation was confirmed?
In order to make a request, you must first login with your ONYEN. All communications regarding the status of your request will be sent to your UNC email address. If the time that you have selected is available, there will be a tentative hold placed on that event and no else can reserve that time until your request has either been accepted or rejected - in both cases, you will receive an email notification. You can generally expect to receive an status update email by the end of each business day.

Q: How do I cancel an existing Reservation?
You may only cancel a reservation that you put into the system. To cancel your reservation, login to your account and click on either the "Pending" or "Confirmed" tab, and then select delete for the event that you want to cancel. No further action is required on your part and the time will become available for others to reserve.
Q: Who is allowed to use Toy Lounge?
Toy Lounge is only available to faculty and staff for meetings and programs during normal business hours.. It is not available for student use, programs geared towards students, or student organizations.
Q: Will my laptop work? How do I show a video?
Toy Lounge is supported by Classroom Hotline. All technology related questions should be directed to via phone (919.962.6702) or at their website at
Q: Is Toy Lounge an appropriate venue for my event?
Programs that are greared towards students including but not limited to film sessions with discussions where the attendance is part of an academic class, or student organization meetings or programs are not appropriate events for Toy Lounge. These events should be coordinated through the Student Union. Sit down meals, such as lunches or dinners, are not appropriate events for Toy Lounge.