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        J. S. Marron                               (Steve Marron)
          Amos Hawley Distinguished Professor

                  (Who was Amos Hawley?)


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        Acknowledgement of support:   much of the research presented in the above pages was supported by NSF Grants DMS-8902973, DMS-9203135, DMS-9504414, DMS-9971649, DMS-0308331, DMS-0606577 and also many other grants with a wide range of collaborators.


        Recommended Links

        XploRe (statistical computing environment produced by Wolfgang Haerdle and MDTech).

        KDE Objects (XLispStat macros written by Frederic Udina).

        SAMSI SAMSI Logo 

        Distance Weighted Discrimination, for removing biases in microarray data (supported by caBIG)

        SiZer in R, (by Derek Sonderegger)



                  B.S. (1977), University of California, Davis;
                  Ph.D. (1982), University of California, Los Angeles.

        Faculty Positions
          UNC-Chapel Hill (1982 - ):
              -    Department of Statistics (1982 - 2003)
              -    Department of Statistics and Operations Research (2003 - )
              -    Adjunct Professor in Computer Science (2003 - )
              -    Member, Lineberger Cancer Center  (2004 - )
              -    Department of Biostatistics  (2007 - )

        Honors and Awards
          Fellow - Institute of Mathematical Statistics; Fellow - American Statistical Association, Elected Member - International Statistical Institute, #15 on ISI List of Most Highly Cited Mathematicians - 1991-2001, Amos H. Hawley Distinguished Professor - University of North Carolina, S. N. Roy Memorial Lecturer - University of Calcutta, Ralph Bradley Lecturer - Univeristy of Georgia.
        Research Interests
          Marron's current interests are in the area of analyzing data that lie in non-standard spaces.  The contexts include High Dimension Low Sample Size (HDLSS) data, and/or data exotic data types, such as manifold and tree-structured data. An overarching framework for this research is Object Oriented Data Analysis (OODA).  This work is motivated by collaborations in cancer research, genetics, image analysis, evolutionary biology, drug discovery and toxicology.  It has spawned a new branch of mathematical statistics: HDLSS asymptotics, where the limiting operation has the dimension growing while the sample size is fixed.
          Marron's previous theoretical interests were in smoothing methods for curve estimation. These give a flexible and powerful approach to data analysis, especially useful in situations where a good parametric model is unknown, or there is a need for visual model checking. Mathematical analysis, especially a wide array of asymptotics, to the depth of minimax lower bounds, is a frequently used methodological research tool in this area. However computational, numerical and graphical methods are also indispensable. These techniques are broadly applicable in most areas of science where numbers and uncertainty are involved. Personal application areas include biology, economics, geology, human movement, image analysis, marketing, ophthalmology and software engineering.

        Selected Publications
          (Go here to see a complete list)

          “Visualizing the Structure of Large Trees”, Aydin, B., Pataki, G., Wang, H., Ladha, A., Bullitt, E. Marron, J. S. (2011) Electronic Journal of Statistics, 5, 405-420.

          “Principal Arc Analysis on direct product manifolds”, S. Jung, M. Foskey and J. S. Marron (2011) The Annals of Applied Statistics, 5, 578-603.

          “Asymptotic Properties of Distance-Weighted Discrimination”, Qiao, X., Zhang, H. H., Liu, Y., Todd, M. J. and Marron, J. S. (2010) Journal of the American Statistical Association, 105, 401–414.

          “PCA Consistency in High Dimension, Low Sample Size Context”, Jung, S. and Marron, J. S., (2009), Annals of Statistics, 37, 4104-4130.

          A brief survey of bandwidth selection for density estimation (with M. C. Jones and S. J. Sheather), Journal of the American Statistical Association, 91 (1996), 401-407.

        (Revised summer 2011)

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