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General Information:

As the "Belt Stimulator" program is started, it loads a default file called "BeltDefaults.txt" that was saved when the program was last exited. This file contains relevant information about the conditions of the previous experiment (More about the default file).(rtf file)

Two items from the "BeltDefaults.txt" are the paths to the parameter file and the correction file. These two files are loaded automatically.
  1. In addition to the table data, the parameter file contains the response device information, the number of repetitions and whether the classes are randomized (More about the parameter file).(rtf file)
  2. The correction file contains various factors for automatic adjustment of the velocity, the length and the offset commands (More about the correction file).(rtf file)

The program is then ready to run the same experiment that was run during the last session. A different parameter file can be loaded using the 'File' menu (File/Parameter/Open), or the table can be edited using the 'Edit' menu and entering data directly into the table.

Normally the automatic correction feature will not be changed: it is always enabled when the program is first loaded but can be disabled, totally or partially, using the 'File' menu (File/Correction/Enabled). A different correction file can also be loaded using the 'File' menu (File/Correction/Open), or edited (File/Correction/Edit).

The 'Pressure' file is normally not saved during experiments, but you will be prompted for a file name if you check it on (More about the pressure file).(rtf file)

The experiment is started using the 'Tools' menu (Tools/Run Experiment). If you have not yet entered an experiment data file name, you will be prompted for one (More about the experiment file).

If no response device has been selected, the experiment will start as soon as you respond "OK" to the "Start experiment now". If a response device has been selected, a button needs be depressed on the device to start the experiment:

  1. button #1 on the button box..
  2. Numeral 1 on the keyboard.
  3. A fire button on the magnitude estimation device.

The experiment can be cancelled at any time using the "Cancel Experiment" button located on the right hand side of the graph, under the class information display.

2000 September 6
Reviewed 2002 March 28