1987 Version.

Cuff Pressure Manual Controller.

Dynamometer Handle.

Dynamometer Assistant.

2012 Version (tentative).

Cuff Pressure Controller Options.




A Flow Volume B Flow Direction
  1. When the air pressure in the cuff is lower than specified, the three way valve C is energized thus letting air enter the cuff.
  2. When the air pressure in the cuff is higher than specified the three way valve C is then dis-energized thus releasing some pressure out of the cuff.
  3. When the pressure in the cuff is within the specified limits, the proportional valve D flow is set to zero thus preventing the air from entering or escaping the cuff.


All the valve operating voltages are 12VDC so that they can be fed through a universal 12 volt supply for worldwide compatibility.

Dynamometer Handle.

Dynamometer Assistant.

Low Pressure Stimulator

Low Pressure Stimulator (October 2012)

2012 January 30
Last updated 2012 October 05