* * Safety Warning * *

Although the Thimble is not electrically connected to neither the test subject nor the investigator, it is highly recommended to use a laptop computer not connected to a main power outlet. The algometer itself is powered through a medical grade power supply, but the USB data acquisition unit is a LabJack U12 that will not function through the B&B Electronics UH401 USB to USB isolation device. (B&B UH401).

Suggested Installation Procedure:

General Information (html file)

Common Problems (html file)

Schematics & Drawings

Visual Basic 6 ThimbleAlgometer.exe Windows

Visual Basic 6 ThimbleAlgometer.exe Software Download.

Application files.

ThimbleAlgometer-02-13.exe (should be identical to 05-11 version).

Improved versions with features suggested by Dr. Kevin Hellman
from the Pelvic Pain Research Laboratory at the NorthShore University HealthSystem in Evanston, Illinois.

ThimbleAlgometer-05-14.exe with two (2) Rate Ranges: -10 to +30 and -10 to +15 N/s and the Force value in kgf outputted to a BNC connector on the back panel, through the DAC0 of the LabJack U12, if so equipped.
ThimbleAlgometer-07-14.exe with all 12 sites available.
ThimbleAlgometer-07-14-B.exe with "ramping guide" (uses the "RampStart.wav" file below).
ThimbleAlgometer-08-14.exe with fix for ramp guide overflow.

Voice files.

0.wav   1.wav   2.wav   3.wav   4.wav   5.wav   6.wav
7.wav   8.wav   9.wav   10.wav   11.wav   12.wav

Initialization file.

Thimble Algometer initialization file

Sample Files

Data (text file)

Log (text file)

Calibration History (text file)

Initialization (text file)

Simulator for Debugging

Hookup (bmp image)

Software Info (UNC and Yale Thermodes help page)

Changing EXE File Name

Through the "Start" menu click on "All Programs" click on "Algometer" right click on "Algometer" click on "Properties" to display the "Algometer Properties at right.
Select the "Shortcut" tab.

In the "Target:" path, edit the "ThimbleAlgometer-xx-xx.exe" to whatever program version you want to use.
Click OK when done.
Shortcut Properties

Copying Program Files to a New Folder

Windows 7 limits access to some files in system folders such as "Program Files(x86)". Since the Algometer software saves its options and defaults in an "ini" file located in the same folder as the Executable file, it has problems editing that "ini" file.
Until the software can be modified to alleviate the problem, an easy fix is to copy the folder to a non-protected location.
  1. Chose or create a new folder in which you want the Algometer program files to reside (such as the root directory: "C:\" or "C:\Users\myname\Documents" or whatever is more convenient to you.
  2. Control/Drag or Copy/Paste the whole "Algometer" folder from "C:/Program Files(x86)/Algometer" to the new location.
  3. Create a shortcut to the new folder executable file if desired.

Unit Test (post manufacturing)

Post Manufacturing Test Guide

2005 September 30
Last update: 2014 August 21