No Response at Start up.

The software loads without any problem but the display does not respond to neither the Thimble nor the Calibration Load Cell.

Multiple LabJack DAQ units:

If you have more than one LabJack DAQ unit on your computer, and you just installed a new algometer, then chances are the software did not find the correct LabJack.
To remedy this problem you should disconnect all the LabJacks from the USB, except for the algometer.  When you disconnect the LabJack that the software thought was the right one, the software should flag an error such as "No LabJack found" or "Write error" depending on what it was doing at the time you disconnected the LabJack (Typical error message). Clicking OK will let the software look for another LabJack. If this does not work, then exit the program by clicking "Cancel" and restart with the algometer as the only connected LabJack.  The software will then ask you if you want to use the newly found LabJack as a new default (Message).  Click "Yes"; the software should now remember which LabJack to use.

Invalid Calibration Data:

The lack of response or unusual response can be caused by corrupted calibration data.  The file name "AlgometerDFT.ini" (Sample) should be present in the same folder as the algometer application (Algometermm-dd-yy.exe).  The file contains the Load Cell calibration data under the heading: [C A L I B R A T I O N] .  The actual calibration factors and offsets should look like this:
1=0.0000, 0.0000, 0.0000, 0.0000
2=0.0000, 0.0000, 0.0000, 0.0000
3=0.0100, 0.0000, 2.0619, -0.0206
4=0.9800, 2.0000, 0.0000, 0.0000
If your defaults file is missing or if you suspect that it has been corrupted, you can download our sample, but this action will require that you recalibrate your calibration Load Cell, and it will cause all your settings to be lost.

No Sounds.

For the sounds to work the software must be able to find the sound wave files.  Make sure the following files are located in the same folder as the algometer application (Algometermm-dd-yy.exe): 0.wav, 3.wav, 6.wav, 9.wav. (click on the file to download if it is missing from your folder).

2007 September 12
updated 2007 November 20