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VB6 Versions (HTML file)

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Early VB6 Vervions

TSA UNC Application (EXE File) (November 2, 2005 version)
TSA UNC Test  Application (EXE File) (November 4, 2005 version)
TSA UNC 12-15-06 Application (EXE File) (December 15, 2006 version, with jump to last column fix). 
TSA UNC Application with Temperature Offset (EXE File 376 KB) (February 20, 2007 version)  (Offset Options)
TSA UNC Application with Randomized Duration (EXE File 380 KB) (March 20, 2007 version)  (Parameter Help Page)
TSA UNC Application for Marstock Protocol (EXE File 392 KB) (April 3, 2007 version)  (Parameter Help Page)
TSA UNC Application for remote control (EXE File 392 KB) (December 18, 2008 version)  Same as the Marstock version but with an added feature for other applications to control the TSA II through text files (Remote feature help).
TSA UNC Application with "Subject Response" feature (EXE File 396 KB) (September 17, 2009 version).
And matching parameter table:ResponseTest_1.tsa

2010 VB6 Vervion

TSA UNC Application with 3 new features (EXE File 420 KB) (October 14, 2010, same as August 18, 2010 version but with less bugs).
  1. Added option to disable the parameter table in order to prevent inadvertent modifications to the parameters (See Options).
  2. The choice of either starting an experiment from the first column or from whichever column is selected (See Options).
  3. A new emergency jump parameter feature was added (See Parameter Table Help)

2011 VB6 Vervion

In recent months our 6 year old VB6 software has exhibited some problems. We are not yet sure about what causes the problem but it appears that the Medoc VB6 software package loses control of the TSA resulting in "Fast Drive" errors and unstable temperature ramps. The problems started about the same time some new antivirus and security protection was installed on all the dental school computers and we suspect some interference.
. We have, so far, not been successful in fixing the problem, but the VB.NET version below seems to do better although still in early development (the project had been interrupted by other, then, more pressing projects).
TSA UNC Application under test. (August 25, 2011).
And its default file. (August 25, 2011).

2010 VB.NET (2008) Vervion

In Alpha Test.

Needed Medoc Files

Medoc Files to be included, with all versions, in the same folder as the executable file above must be purchased from Medoc with the TSA SDK package ($3,200 as of August 2008):

Other File(s)

And, to a lesser extent the UNC version defaults file:"ThermalStimulatorDFT.txt".

Tapper for Wind-Up

Pathway    Medoc Pathway Page

User & Service Manuals

Limited access at: "J:\Share\D R C\Everyone\Ollie\Medoc\Operating Manual.pdf"

UNC Calibration Check  

(HTML file)

Water Temperature Adjustment

  1. Press twice on SET button on Pathway front cover display. Set-point temperature will appear (by default 5C).
  2. Set 8C using UP and DOWN arrows.
  3. Press twice on the FNC button.

Audible Alarm / Coolant Level

It is suspected that a Pathway audible alarm may sound when the cooling water reaches a critical level even though the refrigeration unit front panel red LED is not lit.
Adding some distilled water as indicated in the "Pathway Operating Manual" (Chapter 13.1 page 74 in the 2005 version) has fixed the problem in the past.
Make sure to use 95% distilled water (NOT sterile) and 5% alcohol.


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