The sound project software has three main functions:

1- Creating sound files (WINDOWS compatible WAVE files with the '.wav' extension).

2- Editing lists of sound files to be used for experiments (WINDOWS compatible 'Play Lists' with a choice of '.wpl', or '.asx' extension).

3- Running experiments using play lists. (Sample Results Data File)

Note: the software will not run off a CD ROM; it should first be copied to the hard drive.

Download the "EXE" file:

SoundProject.exe (132 KB)

1- Creating sound files

Sounds are created by adding several Sine waves together as follows:

xt =∑ (An sin(2πfn t + Φn )


Select the "Number of Sine Waves" that will make up the sound (the maximum has arbitrarily been set at 9).


2- Editing lists of sound files.

These lists are themselves files to be used for experiments (WINDOWS compatible 'Play Lists' with '.wpl' or '.asx' extensions).

The Play List editor normally opens with the last play list used, loaded and displayed on its front panel. The name of the play list is shown in the yellow label. The names of the sound files are displayed in the white list box in the same order as they will appear during a play back or an experiment.

3- Running Experiments.

By means of the menu you can load or unload Experiments / Sound Lists ('.wpl' or '.asx') files into or from the orange "List of Experiment Files" (Scroll down).

Selecting (Clicking on) a file from the orange "List of Experiment Files" will cause the software to read it from the disk, display its name in the yellow "Current Experiment File Name" label and display the first sound from the list in the green "Next Sound File Name" label. The number in the pink "Count Down" label should then show the total number of sound files in the experiment file.

The data file into which the results of the experiment will be saved, can be changed through the menu "File \ Result Data File Name". If the "Saving" check box is checked, the experiment results will be appended to the file if the file already exists. Otherwise a file will be created.

The experiment participant identification should also be typed into the bottom purple text box. Whatever is entered here will be saved in the results data file. (Sample Data File)


2005 March 17