Lucretius: links to some online materials

Texts in Latin or English of Lucretius and related authors

Lucretius (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy; by David Sedley)

Epicurus (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy; by David Konstan) (replaces The Philosophy Garden) (extensive links on Epicureanism, including onsite texts of Epicurus, Cicero, Diogenes of Oenoanda, and L.; the biography of Epicurus by Diogenes Lartius; also some pics, e.g. of busts of E. and of the Oenoanda inscription)

A good website devoted to Lucretius on Vroma (by Alison W. Barker; links to all sorts of Lucretius stuff--texts, reception, essays etc.; some links dead)

Lucretius: Text in Latin at the Latin Library (Full Latin text of DRN)

DRN in Latin(German website Biblioteca Augustana with a summary of DRN in Latin, plus Latin text of the poem)
Links to texts in Latin and English at ForumRomanum

The Internet Classics Archive | On the Nature of Things by Lucretius (Contains a [downloadable] translation by W. E. Leonard of the whole DRN)


Lucretius (Selections from the DRN with a brief introduction)

Great Books Index - Lucretius (link to W. E. Leonard's translation of DRN)


Macrobius - Saturnalia- Liber Sextus (Online text of Macrobius' Saturnalia; Book 6 details some Vergilian borrowings from L. and other Latin poets) (Translation of Laertius' life of Epicurus, Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (IEP)


Cicero: De Finibus Book 1: selection in English with defense of Epicurus

Cicero On Divine Nature. Book I. (Link to selection on Epicurus from Loeb text of Cicero de Natura Deorum)

Perseus text of Cic. ad Quintum fr. 2.9  in Latin, but you can switch to English

Cicero ad Quintum XIII = Cic. ad Quintum fr. 2.9  (trans. of letter of Cic. in which he mentions reading Lucretius, but does "multae etiam artis" mean "very technical"?)

Introduction to Cicero's philosophical work (IEP)


Lucretius (Pictures and description of the Aldine edition of DRN)

The Colorado College Tutt Library: Donald Jackson Collection (Link to a collection of book leaves and pictures of them, including one from the Aldine Lucretius)

Info on Edition of the new Strasbourg fragment of Empedocles; Empedocles in IEP here; brief info on the papyrus here; pic here

Pic of the papyrus containing the Prologue to Callimachus' Aetia (click to see bigger photo)

Callimachus, "Prologue" to the "Aetia" Tr. Stanley Lombardo and Diane Raynor

Some Tools for Classics or for Latin Poetry

  Some Dictionaries of Literary Theory and Related Areas

By Lowell Edmunds of Rutgers.

  Tools of the Trade for the Study of Roman Literature

By Lowell Edmunds and Shirley Werner. (will be re-done and moved)

  Some links on rhetorical figures or poetic terms:

  "Silver Muse" Glossary of Rhetorical Terms

  Glossary of Rhetorical Terms with Examples at Kentucky

  Allen/Greenough at Perseus on grammatical and rhetorical terms



  Bibliography etc.: Look it up!

Great search tool at Kentucky for all kinds of material in Classics, including the next two bibliographic tools; not updated recently

  TOCS-IN Search   Great search tool for recent articles in Classics

  Gnomon: Titelsuche Classics bibliographical tool; type your terms in the Alle Felder (all fields) box and click Suche Starten (start search). Then it may help to know that Rez. = "a review", S. = p. (page). )

  Some simple help on the hexameter: basic rules (actually this is a Vergil handout), and practical rules for scansion

  "Silver Muse" introdcution to "epic versification" (i.e. meter)


Pages on Epicurus (replaces The Philosophy Garden; extensive links on Epicureanism, including onsite texts of Epicurus, Cicero, Diogenes of Oenoanda, and L.; the biography of Epicurus by Diogenes Lartius; also some pics, e.g. of busts of E. and of the Oenoanda inscription) (Good site on Epicurus; links to various primary sources on Epicurus by various authors, inc. Diogenes, Lucr., Epicurus, Cicero, Horace, Lucian's Alexander the Oracle-Monger and Zeus Rants; Cornelius Nepos, Life of Atticus, Plutarch, Against Colotes, selection; Lactantius, The Divine Institutes (selection), and On the Anger of God (selection) )

EPICURUS - INFLUENCES (Site with very basic info about Epicurus and Lucretius)



Philodemus Project Home Page (Really neat page at UCLA  on the Philodemus Project and the Herculaneum papyri. Contains a description of the project, pictures of the papyri, etc.)


Philodemus Conference (Link to 1995 conference about the Philodemus project, with some info on Philodemus and the finds at Herculaneum)

George Economou - Philodemos (Brief bio of Philodemus, with translations of his epigrams by George Economou)


Articles and Reviews Available Online (and ads for books)

((these links not active but you can search BMCR))

BMCR Review of Johnson, Lucretius and the Modern Worldby Katharina Volk

BMCR Review of Sedley, Lucretius and the Transformation of Greek Wisdom by Gordon Campbell

BMCR Review of Conte, Genres and Readers (with a chapter on Lucretius) by Sander M. Goldberg

BMCR Review of Catto, Lucretius, Selections from De rerum natura, by C. A. Hoffman

Review of Michael Brown's Aris and Philips edition of Book 3 by Marcus Deufert  

New online journal Leeds International Classical Studies has first issue devoted to Lucretius (link works 2010)

Lucretius: The Roman Poet of Humanism (Amateur's view/analysis of Lucretius from a very weird website.) (link works 2010

E. A. Poe Society of Baltimore (Link to an article on Poe and atomism in his story Eureka)

Philosophical Materialism (An atheist's 1996 speech on materialism, including Lucretius)


Lucretius Underrated Epicurean Philosopher (An atheist's take on Lucretius; elementary and pedantic)


Courses, Study Aids, or Bibliography on Lucretius and/or Epicureanism  (links might not be workign 8/2010)

Lucretius' On the Nature of the Universe (page containing study questions and some basic background to DRN)

Lucretius' On the Nature of the Universe (Same text as the other link of the same name, but on a different website.)

Lucretius' On the Nature of the Universe (Third link to the website of the same name described above: study questions and basic background)

Lucretius' On the Nature of the Universe (Fourth link to the study questions website)

Study aids for Lucretius and Epicurus (

Links for aids to the study of Epicureanism (

Outline of Lucretius (Outline of the whole DRN by Prof. John Paul Adams)

Outline of a lecture on Lucretius by  Bruce MacLennan of UT-Knoxville (Bibliography of Lucretius, inc. editions and studies)

What Lucretius Wrought ("Humanistic" commentary mentioned above in the "De Rerum Natura" link--note that the link spells his name incorrectly)

Notes on Lucretius (A fairly extensive description of Lucretius; a supplement to a Roman Civ class at Montclair)

Atomism and Infinite Divisibility - Chapter 5 - Atomism and Divisionism after Aristotle (Discussion of Epicurus, Chrysippus, and Lucretius, plus more modern atomists)

GBT2 Lucretius Study Questions (Study questions from an Oxford tutorial on Lucretius)


Encyclopedia-type articles

Lucretius [Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy] (Contains info on the life, work, and philosophy of L., with a short bibliography)

Lucretius on 2002 (A very basic online encyclopedia article on Lucretius)

Lucretius (Description from Middlebury of Lucretius and his philosophy)


Reception of Lucretius by later authors, thinkers

Thoroughly modern Lucretius: The dizzying psychic liberation offered by Lucretius' epic poem has resounded throughout the centuries.  Emily Gowers in The Times of London

Poetry Magazine, John Sokol,  Holiday 2001 (A poem inspired by a line of Lucretius)

Freud's *The Interpretation of Dreams* Chapter One (Freud quotes and discusses DRN IV. 962 on the relation of the dream to the waking state)

Letter to William Short (1819 letter of Thomas Jefferson in which he claims to be Epicurean)

Lucretius (A link to Tennyson's poem about Lucretius)

BROOKE ON TENNYSON'S LUCRETIUS (Two paragraphs celebrating Tennyson's interpretation of Lucretius; goes with link to the poem above.)

Another copy of Tennysons poem

ANTI-LUCRCE - Dictionnaire philosophique (Info. in French and citations from Cardinal de Polignac's Anti-Lucretius)

Michel Serres (Description of the French philosopher/writer/physicist Serres, with a brief description of how he thinks that Lucretius anticipated modern physics)

N2K: Lightness/Leggerezza (an experimental web site centered on the emerging narrative and cognitive form of the "encyclopedic hyper-novel," as developed by Italo Calvino and Umberto Eco in their essays and novels. Starts with Lucretius: The De Rerum Natura of Lucretius is the first great work of poetry in which knowledge of the world tends to dissolve the solidity of the world, leading to a perception of all that is infinitely minute, light and mobile)

The Atomic Swerve band (MP3 songs)  (Link (ah, now dead) to Classics majors' band at Reed College. Songs (playable!) include "Greek Top 40" and "Lefty Scaevola" (possibly the best song ever written about Q. Mucius Scaevola)  

Epicurean Simplicity by Stephanie Mills; a 2002 book by an ecological writer using Epicurus to promote a simple life free from consumerism and with limited technology

Lyrics to John Lennon, "Imagine" ("Imagine there's no heaven")
Lyrics to Madonna, "
Material Girl"
Lyrics to Julie Andrews, "
A Spoonful of Sugar" ("... makes the medicine go down...")
Lyrics to Julie Andrews, "
Something Good" ("Nothing comes from nothing; nothing ever could")
Lyrics to Nick Cave,
Into My Arms ("I don't believe in an interventionist God")
Lyrics to The Doors,
"Break On Through (To The Other Side)"
Words to William Blake,
"The Marriage of Heaven and Hell" ("If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is: infinite.")

The Doors of Perception and Heaven and Hell by Aldous Huxley; text here



Biographies of Textual Critics (Biography of Lachmann, who created the stemma for Lucretius; very interesting also for description of textual criticism)

Friedrich Nietzsche (Information on Nietzsche, who was a student of Lachmann, the famous editor of Lucretius)

Everything you ever wanted to know about textual criticism


Doing Lucretius (Modern Southern poet; one poem in this book is about reading Lucretius)


No. 334: Lucretius (Link from the Engineering Dept. at U. of Houston with an analysis of DRN and its relation to physics. Kind of simple; cf. esp: "Writing in Latin was an uphill battle. It was a simple, direct language -- not good for handling complex ideas. But he made it work. He reshaped Latin and created beauty on the way." Apparently this is a nationally syndicated radio program!)


Fiction: A Tulip for Lucretius by Ken MacLeod. I was deep in a Californian orgy when the summons came, like the voice of conscience.

Lucretius is a molecular dynamics simulation program (Enough said) (


Li-Lu: Positive Atheism's Big List of Quotations (Some quotes from Lucretius and other prominent "L's")