Lighthouses of Northwestern Perú

Thanks to Martin Berendson Leigh for these very rare photos from northwestern Perú.

Punta la Negra Light

The photo above is of the lighthouse at Punta la Negra southwest of Bayóvar. At this location, the Peruvian Navy has recently replaced a square concrete tower with this new concrete post light. We have a photo of a similar tower at Pijuayal on the Amazon, so it seems likely this is a current standard design for new Peruvian lights.

Máncora Light

This photo shows the lighthouse at Máncora, southwest of Tumbes. This lighthouse is similar to the one that was replaced at Punta la Negra: a square concrete tower, pyramidal at the base. Lighthouses of this design are (or were) common in northern Perú, but it is possible the Navy is replacing them with new towers like the one at Punta la Negra. Both lighthouses show the usual Peruvian daymark design: horizontal colored bands.

Punta Telegrafo Light

Cabo Blanca Light

These photos show two more lighthouses of the Máncora class. The first lighthouse is at Punta Telegrafo just to the west of Paita, a seaport located between Tumbes and Bayóvar. The colors on this lighthouse, orange and deep blue, are quite striking. Because the Peruvian coast tends to have a uniformly sandy-colored appearance from the sea, the use of such vibrant colors makes the lighthouses stand out for navigators. Second is a distant shot of the lighthouse at Cabo Blanco, about 25 km (15 mi) southwest of Máncora.

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