A colorful celebration

Carolina students celebrated the 10th annual Holi Moli event, which promotes multiculturalism and diversity.

Color powder rains down of a group of people.
Carolina students color the sky above Hooker Fields during Holi Moli on April 21.

Hooker Fields turned into a canvas of colors on Friday as Carolina students celebrated at the annual Holi Moli UNC event.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill students wearing white T-shirts crowded onto Hooker Fields. When the call was given, they threw pink, purple, green and blue powder into the sky. As the powder fell, it painted the students’ white shirts and everything it touched with bright colors.

The event was sponsored by Hindu Yuva, Sangam, the Multicultural Affairs and Diversity Outreach committee of Student Government, and the Campus Y. Holi is meant to promote multiculturalism and diversity at Carolina by celebrating the arrival of spring through the Hindu holiday of Holi and by raising awareness and funds for social justice initiatives in our community.

The first Holi Moli celebration at UNC-Chapel Hill was in 2008.