Contact Us

  • University Operator(919) 962-2211
  • Board of Trustees(919) 962-6961
  • Office of the Chancellor(919) 962-1365
  • College of Arts & Sciences(919) 962-1165
  • Undergraduate Admissions(919) 966-3621
  • The Graduate School(919) 966-2611
  • Scholarships and Student Aid(919) 962-8396
  • Athletics(919) 962-6000
  • Diversity and Inclusion(919) 962-6962
  • Human Resources(919) 843-2300
  • Media Relations(919) 445-8555
  • UNC Police (In an emergency, call 911)(919) 962-3951
  • Office of the Provost(919) 962-2198

General Information

The Visitors’ Center can provide information about historical tours, traveling to campus and parking.

Contacting Carolina

For general phone inquiries, call (919) 962-2211.

To reach a department by email, please check the search engine. To find a person’s email address, search the UNC-Chapel Hill Online Campus Directory. Campus directory assistance is also available by phone at (919) 962-2211.

For general inquiries, write to:
Individual’s Name (optional)
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Department/Office Name
Four-digit campus box number
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-four-digit campus box number

There is no general fax number; to send a fax, please contact the appropriate department or unit.