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Tar Heel triathletes

For a group of athletes on Carolina’s campus, each day’s practice not only involves a different uniform — it involves a different sport entirely.

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Top Stories

  • Kylan Rice in a bookstore.

    #GDTBATH: Kylan Rice

    Kylan Rice, a Ph.D. student in the College of Arts & Sciences' English department, has been helping keep the Carolina community stocked on short stories by leading a team of Tar Heels behind Arts Everywhere's short story dispensers.

  • Anna Shuford

    MBA student launches virtual workout platform

    After spending the early days of the pandemic working out in her living room, Anna Shuford channeled her frustrations with virtual workout programs into market research and came up with a solution that improved the experience for everyone.

  • Ayana Monroe in a library.

    Connecting humans and computers

    For most of her life, Ayana Monroe has been fascinated by how people and computers connect — a field called human-computer interaction. Now, as a UNC-Chapel Hill junior and Chancellor’s Science Scholar, she engages in research to improve how we use technology to acquire information. She wants to teach the next generation to do the same.

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