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The Tar Heel experience

The best education includes finding ways to explore your passions. At Carolina, there are hundreds of opportunities to connect with fellow Tar Heels, get involved in activities and develop your talents.

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Top Stories

  • Jake Mendys on the basketball court surrounded by chilren.

    Taking hoops journey to Rwanda to make lives better

    Carolina alumnus Jake Mendys ’16 uses basketball and business to change lives from Rwanda to the NBA.

  • Brian Lerch standing in front of a projection of beetles.

    The smorgasbord scientist

    Why do some organisms live in groups? What influences their cooperation with one another? How do they choose their mates? Ph.D. student Brian Lerch has a lot of questions about ecology and evolutionary biology — and he strives to answer them using math.

  • Samara Airy Perez Labra working in a garden.

    Planting a “sense of place”

    Together with American studies professor Daniel Cobb, undergraduate students learned the meaning of hands-on research by getting their hands dirty. They planted a garden inspired by their transcriptions of the diary of one of the 20th century’s most influential American Indian writers and intellectuals.

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