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A bridge to higher education

Providing access to an affordable education is in the DNA of our University, and there may be no better example of that mission in action than the Carolina Covenant.

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Top Stories

  • Anne Smiley, a PhD candidate at the UNC Institute of Marine Sciences

    The sediment scientist

    Anne Smiley maps coastal habitats and nitrogen levels to assess water quality and coastal ecosystem health, protecting communities hit by major storms.

  • The quadball team.

    Broomsticks and Tar Heels

    These students are spending their free time playing a unique club sport: quadball.

  • Mexan Mapouka

    Bringing peace and healing to his country

    Duke-UNC Rotary Peace Center Fellow Dr. Mexan Mapouka is fulfilling his calling to heal others by bringing what he’s learned back to his hometown in the Central African Republic.

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