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Carolina throwback:
The 1980s

Fashion and technology may have changed since the 80s, but no matter the decade, it has always been a great day to be a Tar Heel.

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  • Rameses in the football practice facility.

    The story of Rameses

    What began in the late '80s with Eric Chilton donning the very first Rameses costume has grown into a now-treasured tradition carried on by students today. Learn the story behind one of Carolina's most iconic Tar Heels.

  • An aerial photo of UNC-Chapel Hill campus.

    Carolina then and now

    Have you ever heard of the Tin Can or the Scuttlebutt? Those words may bring back fond memories for some generations of Tar Heels, but for today's students, they're a mystery. Take a look at how campus has changed through the years, creating new experiences for different generations of students.

  • Mollie Yacano holding a soil sample and surrounded by phragmites

    #GDTBATH: Mollie Yacano

    Carolina Ph.D. candidate Mollie Yacano studies an invasive species that is surprisingly effective at preventing erosion and pollution on the North Carolina coast.

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