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A year in review

The 2021-2022 academic year was a memorable one at Carolina. Take a look back at some of the biggest stories that shaped this year.

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Top Stories

  • Mark Moon standing outside.

    Pillar of Ground Services leads quietly

    Whether preparing for Spring Commencement or cleaning up debris in fall, Massey winner Mark Moon keeps Carolina’s campus beautiful and his colleagues safe.

  • Catherine Haas in FedEx Global.

    A new publication celebrates all things global

    Catherine Haas ’22 (M.A.) and fellow graduate students won an Arts Innovation Grant to launch a new digital student journal, The Global Gazette.

  • On the left: a preserved Marshallia legrandii attached to archival paper with non-acidic glue and a paper tag. On the right: Chondracanthus harveyanus, a type of red algae found off the coast of southern California. When the sample was collected Carol McCormick, the herbariums’ assistant curator, noticed the algae resembled a monster and dubbed it “Harvey,” the unofficial mascot of the herbarium. (Johnny Andrews/ UNC-Chapel Hill)

    Filing flora

    More than 800,000 rare, extinct and native flora have been preserved by the North Carolina Botanical Garden’s Herbarium, where biodiversity is found in every filing cabinet.

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