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    Hanes Art Center115 S. Columbia St.Chapel HillNC27514 |

    Through image and form across a variety of media, tactics and disciplines, Johnson explores social and political issues and injustices, wrestling with boundaries between aesthetic, political and moral orders. He treats representation — not as a hermetic mimetic pictorial tradition —but as an agency to awaken and combat torpor.

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    | $65

    Often described as the “world’s most intractable conflict,” the crisis embroiling Israel and Palestine has been making headlines for more than 70 years. But behind the violence and deep political and religious divisions lie human stories, told through artistic interventions into the conflict that reflect the possibilities for, and limitations of, Israeli- Palestinian collaboration.This Dialogues seminar will focus on cinema and music as examples of Israelis and Palestinians creating art that goes beyond hostilities.We’ll look at the Oscar-nominated Israeli-Palestinian film 5 Broken Cameras (2011) as a case study for the promise, hindrances, and shortcomings in Israeli-Palestinian collaborations in cinema, and then we’ll explore the musical techniques, political ideologies, and power dynamics involved in various collaborations between Israeli and Palestinian musicians. Finally, our scholars will discuss what these collaborations may suggest about the future of conflicts in the region.

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    Carmichael Arena310 South RoadChapel Hill27599 |

    Carolina vs. NC State