Bringing transfer students together at Carolina

Transfer United connects transfer students during their transition to Carolina.

Audrey Zuck in front of Carmichael Residence Hall.
Audrey Zuck in front of Carmichael Residence Hall. (Jon Gardiner/UNC-Chapel Hill)

While not all Tar Heels start their college careers at Carolina, all Tar Heels can find their place here.

Carolina Housing’s Transfer United program helps transfer students as they transition to UNC-Chapel Hill, connects them to peers who have a common experience through the transfer process and provides support and resources.

The program is open to all transfer students, regardless of their year or major.

Students who are in Transfer United, a Residential Learning Program, live together in Carmichael Residence Hall and attend programs and events relevant to transfer students.

“Transfer students bring so much to Carolina, especially their diverse and unique experiences that they all bring from wherever they were prior to Carolina,” says Patrick Preudhomme, assistant director for Student Learning Initiatives at Carolina Housing. “Chapel Hill has amazing traditions and a very Carolina way of doing things, but sometimes a fresh look or a fresh idea can continue to make Carolina the vibrant and dynamic campus it is.”

Transfer students come from all over the country with different backgrounds, all with the same goal: to thrive at Carolina. Coming to Carolina from another university can be a major adjustment, and Transfer United creates the opportunity for students to meet and work with fellow transfers.

“I always love the strong community that is formed in the Residential Learning Program. If you walk by the RLP floor, you will always see people hanging out, chatting, playing games and just being a community,” Preudhomme says. “A lot of students in the RLP are able to create a network of friends through the relationships that start in their time in the community.”

Transfer United’s leadership team includes  a community director, a resident advisor and an assistant director who work with campus partners to offer resources, events, activities and opportunities for transfer students.

“TU students live together in Carmichael, which I found incredibly helpful for meeting students who have a shared experience,” said Audrey Zuck, a junior Transfer United member who transferred from California Polytechnic State University. “We were automatically in a community of individuals who were looking for new people and who weren’t quite sure how to navigate Carolina.”

Whether a student spends all of their time at Carolina or transfers in, Transfer United is working to ensure they can all thrive in the environment at Carolina.

“TU has definitely made me feel less out of place and has provided me with a great group of people and mentors to help me make Carolina my home,” Zuck says.