Traditional Chinese dance in Chapel Hill

The Flying Silk Dance Troupe is sharing Chinese culture with the Carolina community through eye-catching performances with colorful silk ribbons and fan choreography.

Students dancing with white fans.

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Chinese dance featuring fan choreography and colorful silk ribbons has been around for centuries, captivating royalty with eye-catching performances since the Han Dynasty. Over the past several years, a group of Tar Heels known as the Flying Silk Dance Troupe has brought that traditional dance to Chapel Hill to share it with the entire Carolina community.

For senior Vivi Wang, the group provides a chance to share Chinese culture with fellow Tar Heels while also building a support group for her college experience.

“I grew up in China, and I want to bring this Chinese culture and spread the cultural awareness of China,” she said. “When I came to college, I decided to join this Chinese dance club. … I like being part of this group because it has a sense of family. When we perform together on stage, I feel very proud of myself and the whole team.”

The Flying Silk Dance Troupe is open to anybody interested in learning about Chinese dance or culture, regardless of background or dancing experience.

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