The hunt for a cure to HIV

Finding a cure for HIV is a daunting task. To solve the puzzle, UNC HIV Cure Center researchers David Margolis and Nancie Archin rely on the dedication of their clinical trial participants like Rob Hill.

As UNC-Chapel Hill investigators and their partners work to find a cure for HIV, they recognize they cannot win this fight without the dedication of research study participants. These men and women volunteer for clinical trials and help move the field of HIV cure research forward.

In this video, one study participant shares how he changed his lifestyle to become the ideal research volunteer. And two researchers from the UNC HIV Cure Center, Dr. David Margolis and Nancie Archin explain the challenges they face as they work toward a cure for HIV.

Read more about the HIV Cure Center and UNC’s collaboration with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), and check out a video specifically about the “kick and kill” method of developing potential curative therapies, pioneered by Margolis, professor of medicine, microbiology & immunology, and epidemiology at the UNC School of Medicine and the UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health.