Protecting the Carolina community

We will need everyone’s help to keep the Tar Heel community safe this semester, and covering your mouth and nose is the best thing you can do to reduce the viral spread.

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Face coverings are a top priority this fall.

All students, faculty, staff and visitors must wear face coverings on campus. This means in classrooms, public buildings, in common spaces in residence halls and in dining halls — except for when eating or drinking. When you’re outside, relaxing or walking to classes or between buildings, you are still required to wear a face covering if you are unable to physically distance from others.

Make sure you have a face covering with you at all times – toss one in your bag so you always have one nearby. If you do forget, the University will provide one for students, staff and faculty free of charge. If you are able, have a face covering for each day of the week. After wearing one, place it in a labeled paper bag for use one week later. CDC research shows the virus will not live on such a surface for a week.