Well Said: Battle Grove Restoration

In this week's podcast, Sally Hoyt, a stormwater engineer in Energy Services, discusses how Carolina transformed a perpetually wet field near McIver Residence Hall into an aboveground stream that filters runoff water.

The gentle stream that flows beside McIver Residence Hall hasn’t always been part of the campus landscape. It just looks as though it has.

A pipe beneath the street combined with the natural path of rainwater and nearby springs presented an opportunity for staff in UNC Finance and Operations to collaborate on a unique solution for the perpetually wet field near McIver.

Instead of merely repairing and reburying the entire pipe, Sally Hoyt, a stormwater engineer in Energy Services, and landscape architect Jill Coleman worked with a team of consultants and Carolina staff to create an aboveground stream with a filtration process that naturally filters pollutants and contaminants out of runoff water.

On this episode, Hoyt explains the importance of the Battle Grove Restoration project and how it moves the University toward its Three Zeros goal.

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