Well Said: Sharing the experiences of women academics

When assistant professor Sarah Birken wants to share ideas with the world, she doesn’t normally think of a podcast. But she launched AcaDames earlier this year to discuss the experiences of women in academia.

Sarah Birken, an assistant professor in the UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health, focuses her research on applying lessons learned from academic studies to clinical practice, especially in cancer care. When she wants to share an idea with the world, her first instinct is to write an academic paper.

But when a paper didn’t seem like the most effective way to share her experiences as a woman in academia, she pitched the idea of starting a podcast to tell her story and to help other women share theirs.

With the help of associate professor Whitney Robinson and other women across campus, Birken launched “AcaDames” earlier this year, a podcast that discusses the experiences of women in academia.

On this week’s episode of Well Said, Birken shares how her idea developed and explains the challenges she and her team overcame in taking “AcaDames” from an idea to iTunes.

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