Fall 2021 online courses

To support students as they make degree progress, the University continues to provide limited online course options for undergraduate students who need to attend remotely. We have carefully selected a range of courses that are likely to help most undergraduate students, and we will reserve seats for those students who have been identified as needing this flexibility before opening registration to all students.

The list below is designed to be a helpful resource for students but may not reflect the most recent changes to offerings. For the most current and comprehensive list of offerings, please refer to the University Catalog.


Course No



AAADAAAD 101.003Introduction to AfricaBirya, Raphael
AAADAAAD 130.001Introduction to African American and Diaspora StudiesRegester, Charlene
AAADAAAD 391.001Human Development and SustainabilityHudani, Shakirah
AAADAAAD 400.001The Challenges of Democratic Governance in AfricaNzongola-Ntalaja, Georges
AAADAAAD 460.001Race/Culture in BrazilMonroe, Alicia
AMSTAMST 276.001Food and American CultureAlexander, Kelly
AMSTFOLK/ENGL/ANTH 202.001Introduction to FolkloreTBD
ANTHANTH 101-001Introduction to AnthropologyWest, Colin
ANTHANTH 490-64ANTH of Value and SacrificeNelson, Christopher
ARTARTH 473.001Early Modern and Decorative ArtsBauer, Jennifer
ARTARTH 488.001Contemporary African ArtRovine, Victoria
OFTOARTH290.001Special Topics: Looking, Hearing, Sensing – Art History in MotionMagee, Carol
ASIAASIA 150.001Asia: An IntroductionDixon, Dwayne
ASIACHIN 346.001Early Chinese History in Film & LiteratureBergeton, Uffe
ASIAKOR 346.001Body Politics in Modern Korean LiteratureTBD
BIOLBIOL 101Principles of BiologyCoble, Jennifer
BIOLBIOL 202.006Molecular Biology and GeneticsHogan/Shemer (006)
BIOLBIOL 440.001Stem Cell BiologyGordon, Kacy
BIOLBIOL 454.001Evolutionary GeneticsMatute, Daniel
BIOLBIOL 469.001Behavioral EcologyPfennig, Karin
BMMBMME 375Biomedical Microcontroller ApplicationsDennis, Robert
CHEMCHEM 101.005General Descriptive Chemistry ITBD
CHEMCHEM 430.002Introduction to Biological ChemistryTBD
COMMCOMM 120 002Intro to Interpersonal and Organizational CommunicationTBD
COMMCOMP 110.001Intro ProgrammingJordan, Kristopher
COMMCOMP 283.001Discrete StructuresSnoeyink, Jack
COMPCOMP 426.001Modern Web ProgrammingMayer-Patel, Ketan
COMPCOMP 455.001Models of Languages and ComputationPlaisted, David
COMPCOMP 455.002Models of Languages and ComputationPlaisted, David
COMPCOMP 550.001Algorithms & AnalysisMajikes, John
DRAMDRAM 116-002Perspectives in Theatre: Page to StageSnowden, Aubrey
DRAMDRAM 120-004Play AnalysisLawton, Jacqueline
DRAMDRAM 277-001Introduction to Theatrical DesignCoble, Anne
DRAMDRAM 288-001Theatre for Social ChangeLawton, Jacqueline
ECONECON 101-009Introduction to EconomicsTBD
ECONECON 468-001Soviet/post soviet systemsRosefielde, Steven
ECONECON 469-001Asian Economic SystemsRosefielde, Steven
ECONECON 590-001Special Topics: Macro LaborRabinovich
ENECENEC 201.001Introduction to Environment and SocietyGangi, Gregory
ECLENGL 147.001Mystery FictionTBD
ECLENGL 284.001Reading Children’s LiteratureLangbauer, Laurie
ECLENGL 690.001Special TopicsLarson, Jennifer
EXSSEXSS 273, Section 2 Research in Exercise and Sport ScienceKerr, Zachary
EXSSEXSS 276, Section 1Human PhysiologyOndrak, Kristin
EXSSEXSS 288, Section 1Emergency Care of Athletic Injuries and IllnessesChaaban, Courtney
EXSSEXSS 380, Section 1Neuromuscular Control and LearningBlackburn, Jonathan T.
ROMLFREN 186.001Food for Thought–Cultures of Cuisine in Modern FranceTanner, Jessica
GEOGGEOG 110 001The Blue Planet:  Earth SystemsSchmidt, Karly
GEOGGEOG 121 002Geographies of GlobalizationPadley, Michelle
GEOGGEOG 370 008Introduction to Geographic InformationVina-Vizcaino, Andres
GSLLGSLL 212.001Game of Thrones/Middle AgesPrica, Aleksandra
HISTHIST 128.006US History Since 1865Jackson, Jerma
HISTHIST 252.001Modern GermanyHagemann, Karen
HISTHIST 369.001War and US Society since 1902Glatthaar, Joseph
HISTHIST 385.001African American Women’s HistoryJackson, Jerma
HISTHIST 565.001Civil War and ReconstructionBarney, William
HISTHIST 72HWomen’s Voices: 20th CenturyHagemann, Karen
HISTHIST127.006US History to 1865Barney, William
EXSSLFIT 106-409Beginning JoggingTBD
EXSSLFIT 114-411Yoga/PilatesTBD
EXSSLFIT 114-413Yoga/PilatesTBD
LINGLING 101 003Introduction to LanguageTBD
LINGLING 165Exploring the World’s LanguagesTerry, Jules
LINGLING 202 001Linguistic Variation and Language ChangeMora-Marin, David
LINGLING 528 001Language Acquisition IBecker, Misha
LINGLING 537 001Semantic Theory ITerry, Jules
LINGLING 545 001Language and MindPertsova, Katya
MATHMATH 231.005Calculus of Functions of One Variable ITBD
MUSCMUSC 100.001Individual Voice LessonsSolomon, Naomi
MUSCMUSC 121.003Fundamentals of MusicTBD
MUSCMUSC 149.001Introduction to Music and DanceTBD
MUSCMUSC 156.001Beat Making LabTBD
MUSCMUSC 202.001Advance VoiceLain,LaToya
MUSCMUSC 89.001Negro SpiritualsLain,LaToya
P&NNSCI 175 – 003Introduction to NeurosciencePenton, Rachel
P&NNSCI 320.001NeuropsychopharmacologyPenton, Rachel
PHILPHIL330.001MetaphysicsMerino-Rajme, Carla
PLCYPLCY 101.001PLCY/PWADGoldsmith, William
POLIPOLI 100American Democracy in a Changing WorldConover, Pamela
POLIPOLI 150Intro to International RelationsMosley
POLIPOLI 215.001Political PsychologySearing, Donald
POLIPOLI 217.001Women in PoliticsConover, Pamela
POLIPOLI 432.001Tolerance in Liberal StatesSearing, Donald
POLIPOLI 63Social Movement and Political Protest and ViolenceConover, Pamela
P&NPSYC 101 – 003General PsychologyTBD
P&NNSCI 222.002LearningJacobs, Ian
P&NPsyc 245.001PsychopathologyBaucom, Donald
P&NPSYC 463 – 001Development of Social Behavior & PersonalityGariepy
P&NPsyc 504.001Health PsychologyGil, Karen
P&NPsyc 504.002Health PsychologyGil, Karen
P&NPSYC 602 – 001Evolutionary PsychologyWiss, Frederick
RELIRELI 242.001New Religious Movements in AmericAriel, Yaakov
RELIRELI 697.001CapstoneBayne, Brandon
SOCISOCI 101.003Sociological PerspectivesDromgold-Serman
SOCISOCI 101.004Sociological PerspectivesWei, Caiping
STORSTOR 120, section TBDFoundations of Statistics and Data ScienceTBD
STORSTOR 155, section TBDIntroduction to Data Models and InferenceTBD
WGSTWGST 101.001Introduction to Women’s and Gender StudiesBooth, Karen
WGSWGST 573Psychology of Women and GenderElse-Quest, Nicole

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