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Carolina launches Spotify account

The new Spotify account will feature student-curated playlists that speak to being a Tar Heel.

A masked student listens to headphones in Davis library.
Carolina student Eli Grossman studies in Davis Library on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on Nov. 19, 2020. (Jon Gardiner/UNC-Chapel Hill)

Music is a potent connector that helps unify communities. Amid the pandemic, it’s become even more important, with many people around the globe turning to music as an “antidote” to the isolation they feel from physical distancing, according to The World Economic Forum.

In step with that mission, Carolina has launched a Spotify account to build a greater sense of community through music that speaks to being a Tar Heel. While some playlists are Carolina-centric and reflect what makes life at the University such a unique experience, others offer students music to study to or unique moments to soundtrack their walk across campus.

  • Eighth Floor Davis: Need something to help you focus? Named after Carolina’s Davis Library, this playlist features softer pieces of classical music and opera from the UNC Music Classical Playlist.
  • Crossing the Quad: If you’re craving a pick-me-up while traversing campus, this playlist provides fun, upbeat music to put some pep in your step.
  • UNC A Cappella: Carolina boasts numerous a cappella groups, and this list gathers some of their greatest cuts into one place.

The idea to create a Carolina Spotify came from Tar Heel Social, the University’s student social media group. They hope the music adds to students’ experiences on or off campus. The group members will create and update playlists, using suggestions and contributions from all Carolina students via the University’s social media accounts.

“I love the idea of the student body all playing a role in what goes into the playlists,” said Tar Heel Social member Lizzy Campbell, who is also a social media intern in University Communications. “I think it could pull us together in a whole new way.”

Audio is a powerful medium, Campbell said, and with Zoom taking up so much time these days, she hopes music can offer an escape — or an opportunity to connect to the Carolina community in another way.

“During a time where we’re all staring at a screen constantly, it’s nice to give our eyes a break and focus on listening,” she said. “Music is something that can really pull all of us together.”

Check out all of Carolina’s new Spotify playlists.