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Innovate Carolina and 79° West partner to provide programming for entrepreneurs and innovators

Innovate Carolina partners with 79° West to bring collaborative programming for the entrepreneurial community in Chatham County.

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As people look for new ways to make an impact in the world and pursue their passions, the need for spaces where they can come together to exchange ideas, collaborate and learn has grown. That’s where Innovate Carolina comes in – partnering with 79° West, a new coworking space and innovation hub just north of downtown Pittsboro to provide programs that help people expand their entrepreneurial skills and professional networks.

Innovate Carolina offers programs and resources at 79° West that aim to help members of the entrepreneurial community grow their businesses and develop their skills. By bringing together experts in various fields and providing opportunities for collaboration, Innovate Carolina is helping to create a supportive and dynamic environment where ideas can flourish.

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Innovation Carolina and 79° West provide a variety of programming in Chatham County.

“The programming offered at 79° West is designed to meet the unique needs and challenges facing entrepreneurs and business professionals in Chatham County,” says Kimi Yingling, assistant director of innovation hubs at Innovate Carolina. “We are focused on connecting subject matter experts with the local community through a variety of workshops and fireside chats.”

One key benefit of coworking at 79° West is the opportunity to connect with other professionals. Innovate Carolina’s programs take this a step further by providing structured programming events that help members of the county connect. By building these relationships, entrepreneurs and innovators can increase their chances of success and make a greater impact with their work.

Kimi Yingling.

Kimi Yingling, Innovate Carolina’s assistant director of innovation hubs.

Innovate Carolina’s programs also include workshops and training sessions on a variety of topics,  including business strategy, marketing, finance and more. By providing connections to experts in these fields, Innovate Carolina is helping entrepreneurs and innovators develop the skills they need to succeed in their ventures. This is especially valuable for those who may not have a formal business background or who are just starting out in their careers.

“Innovate Carolina’s programming provides the innovation community opportunities to connect with experienced professionals who can provide guidance and advice on their projects,” says Yingling. “This can be incredibly helpful for those who are just starting out or who are facing a particular challenge in their work. Having a mentor can provide a new perspective on a problem and help entrepreneurs and innovators find new solutions.”

Through access to resources, programs and a supportive community of innovators, 79° West is an environment where new ideas can thrive. Whether you’re a freelancer, a small business owner or an aspiring entrepreneur, connect with like-minded professionals, learn new skills and take your work to the next level through Innovate Carolina programming at 79° West.

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