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New semester, new tech? Use this checklist

Connect to Wi-Fi, configure 2-Step, register for all Carolina Key, get print-ready and download apps.

A student sitting on the lawn of Polk Place using a laptop.
(Johnny Andrews/UNC-Chapel Hill)

New to UNC-Chapel Hill? Or starting the semester with some new tech? Save yourself a headache by setting up your new laptop, phone, tablet or smartwatch before the first day of classes. That way you’ll be able to dive into the semester without scrambling.

This checklist will help you connect to Wi-Fi, configure 2-Step, register for all the perks of Carolina Key, get print-ready and download some essential apps. If you want to dive deeper, check out our getting started guides for students or for employees.

Connect to eduroam

Connecting to Wi-Fi is probably the first thing you do when you get new tech or visit a new location. At Carolina, our primary wireless network is eduroam.

 Whether you have a new device or are new to Carolina, just follow these steps to get connected.

Register or reactivate 2-Step Verification

Carolina protects campus with two 2-Step Verification tools — Duo Security and Microsoft.

If you’re new to campus, first time setup is a snap.

If you’re returning to campus with a new smartphone, you’ll need to reactivate your account. Until you reactivate, you won’t be able to approve push notifications on the new phone — they’ll still go to your old one. Until then, you can still authenticate using an alternate method, like a code texted to a registered phone number. Depending on your settings, reactivating your account might be as simple as tapping “restore,” but check out the in-depth guides for reactivating Duo and Microsoft.

Register for Carolina Key

Registering for Carolina Key allows you to skip typing your password for fast and secure logins to many web-based UNC-Chapel Hill systems, including ConnectCarolina, Canvas, Time Information Management and more.

 All you need to do is register your device, like your smartphone or laptop, with Carolina Key.

Get print-ready

Printing at Carolina has a new name — Carolina Print Hub. This summer, ITS Educational Technologies, which manages the service, renamed the service previously known as CCI Printing. All the perks are the same — 70 print stations across campus, mobile printing, touchless release and print allotments for students.

To get your new tech print-ready, visit Carolina Print Hub to find a convenient print location and links to install printing software onto your laptop or the touchless printing app on your smartphone.

Install apps

While we do a lot in the cloud these days, you’ll need some software. Here are a few recommendations to get you started.

Microsoft apps should be some of the first you install on your new device. For your phone, consider Outlook and Teams apps, from your app store.

 When you need software for your laptop, you should visit ITS Software Distribution. Software licensing includes tools for work and play, like Adobe Creative Cloud and SAS. Students and instructional staff can request their free license of Adobe Creative Cloud straight from Software Distribution.

CarolinaGO is your everything-in-one-place app at Carolina. From dining menus to bus tracking to maps, it’s all in CarolinaGO. Download from Google Play or the App Store.

LinkedIn Learning is free to all Carolina students, faculty and staff. Check out three ways LinkedIn Learning helps you build a healthy habit.

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