A day of celebration

More than 1,300 Tar Heels became Carolina alumni on Dec. 12 as the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill celebrated its annual Winter Commencement.

Chancellor Kevin M. Guskiewicz presided over the celebration, which recognized the graduation of 664 undergrads, 672 graduate students and five professional students. The day, he said, was a chance for the graduates to celebrate all that they have achieved in the face of adversity.

Graduates celebrate with confetti

Today we gather to recognize your hard work and celebrate this well-earned moment. Earning a degree is a remarkable achievement under the best of circumstances, and as we all know, you made it to this day under some truly extraordinary circumstances.

Chancellor Kevin M. Guskiewicz

The chancellor speaking at the podium.

Now you are graduates from UNC — a graduate from a university that high school seniors lose sleep at night awaiting their admission letters. … If you remember nothing else from my speech today, remember to recognize that exciting opportunity and do all you can to build a life that is both personally fulfilling and makes our world a little brighter.

Frank Leibfarth, Winter Commencement speaker

Frank Leibfarth on the stage at winter commencement.