Match Day

Nearly 200 UNC School Medicine students took the next step in their careers this week.

For the last four years, these medical students have worked toward “Match Day" — the day they learn where they will work as resident physicians for the next several years to complete their medical training. On Friday, March 17, they gathered at the UNC School of Medicine and opened emails that revealed where they will begin their careers.

How does Match Day work?

During their final year of medical school, students complete applications, essays and interviews with residency programs across the country. The students then rank their top choices for residency, and residency programs do as well. The National Resident Matching Program algorithm matches students and programs based on these mutual rankings. All graduating medical students in the United States learn their results at the same time on March 17.

Learn more about how Match Day works and how the students’ time at Carolina prepared them for this day.

I am as ready as I could ever be or expect to be. Starting residency is one big, great leap into the deep end of the pool, but I have gotten a world-class preparation, and I’m excited about moving onto the next step.

Aaron Fox, fourth-year medical student participating in Match Day