Carolina’s employees enable the innovative work Carolina does. Your collaboration fuels our mission of teaching and discovery, conducting life-changing research, and helping others through public service.

The University is committed to supporting and influencing a culture of excellence, respect and inclusiveness, creating an environment where faculty and staff thrive.

Carolina people

Meet some of the faculty and staff who work to make Carolina a special place each day.

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  • Randi Byrd sits at a picnic table.

    Working with enrollment, we get to see the life cycle of the student. We’re changing people’s lives.

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  • Samuel Gates smiles at camera.

    I’m drawn to students who’ve lived a bit. Working at Carolina gives me a great opportunity to further both my acting career and the continuing development of my teaching at the university level where I can nurture students.

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  • Shayna Hill in her office.

    I am really at my best when I am plugged in and feel like I am in service to something greater than me. If you want to talk about what my search has been, it is to connect with people on a heart-to-heart level. That to me is magic, and I want to be part of that here.

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