Learning the ropes

Carolina Jump Rope is making their fellow Tar Heels rethink what it means to jump rope. The team performs dazzling spins and flips at campus events and even competes against other universities and jump rope clubs from around the country.

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Your first thought after you hear the words “jump rope club” might deceive you when it comes to Carolina Jump Rope.

This isn’t the same elementary school playground game that probably comes to mind. Instead, these Tar Heels are leveling up the sport and making people rethink what’s possible with a jump rope by performing routines of flips, tricks and dazzling spins.

“It’s such a crazy thing that you’ve probably never seen actually happen in person,” said Carolina junior Luke Boyle, the vice president of Carolina Jump Rope.

The club performs its craft at events across campus and competes against other jump rope teams from throughout the country. Like any other sport, team president Erin Schlachter says, the sport is physically demanding, but it also provides students an outlet to tap into their creative side to develop new routines.

“I love the sport because it’s so creative. It’s challenging. I love that there’s always someplace new to go with it,” said Schlachter, a Carolina senior.

With team members’ skills ranging from jumping rope with a pogo stick to picking up a jump rope for the very first time, the group welcomes all Tar Heels to try out the sport. Carolina Jump Rope is dedicated to spreading the word about the sport and helping students pick up the skill quickly through coaching at practices twice a week.

“Not a lot of people know about the sport. Not a lot of people know it’s a club here at UNC,” Boyle said. “I want more people to experience that fun that is jump rope.”

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