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Meet the University Libraries

The University Libraries are much more than books and study spaces. They’re a comprehensive world of inquiry, a vibrant hub of encyclopedic glimpses into the past and an engine that speeds students and scholars into the future. The libraries are a model for the modern research library and they enrich our state and the world, creating better lives for everyone.

The system includes Davis Library, the central collection for humanities, social science, and business research; the Wilson Special Collections Library, home to rare and unique materials; R.B. House Undergraduate Library, dedicated to the learning needs of undergraduate students; the Health Sciences and Law libraries; the Kenan Science Library; and specialized subject libraries

Libraries are so unique. They are highly revered. They are highly trusted. Carolina’s library can help shape the future of this University. Ultimately, we need to ask ourselves what we need to do in order to help our students go out and change the world.

Elaine Westbrooks, Carolina’s university librarian

Elaine Westbrook sits in a library.

Student success

World-renowned library collections, innovative services and expert librarians create an environment for discovery and inspiration at any level and in every discipline. Whether you are a first-year student learning about research and citation or a practiced scholar engaged in specialized inquiry, Carolina’s libraries are your trusted partner.

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    Carolina's libraries are a vital resource for the campus community with classes and a staff that helps Tar Heels conduct research, craft the perfect paper and explore history. And, they offer great places to study, too.

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    Carolina’s libraries contain a lot of books — more than 10 million volumes. The libraries are also home to thousands of manuscripts, an extensive vinyl record collection, a makerspace and podcasting studio.

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