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Month1/Month2 2001

Mission Statement

The purpose of this website is to review, note, promote and critically analyze sport literature in its many forms in North Carolina. The site will look at historical works, contemporary publications, library collections related to sport, and will serve as a clearinghouse on North Carolina sport literature. It will be published six times a year and in the future will include "hard copy" newsletters. Essentially, the author seeks to identify and comment upon that body of knowledge and its many forms called sport literature in North Carolina.


Highlights from Hyatt
North Carolina sport literature in its many genres has been produced in many forms. This author seeks to identify different works both historical and contemporary within these different genres and to comment about them. Identification of these works and a critical analysis or comment will be included. In the future, we anticipate having guest editors since we have over 28 poets in North Carolina who have written sports poetry, we have several fine publishing houses which have produced some outstanding sports books, and we have noted authors including Wolfe, Roark, Rubin, and others who have used sports as a vehicle to express their ideas or develop their plots. This author sincerely wishes that there were other people who are certainly more qualified in this area who would undertake this effort rather than him doing so. However, since no one else is pursuing this activity, and since I believe it merits being done, then we are ready and willing to nourish our sport literature so that the writers and authors may flourish. I will attempt to make up in passion what I lack in ability, and I will seek to be fair, objective, and provide a showcase for as many of our authors as possible. This project is a mission of the North Carolina Program for the Public Policy in Sport (http://www.unc.edu/depts/ppps) and we pledge to promote our efforts in sport literature. Ron Hyatt Professor, Exercise and Sport Science, and lover of North Carolina sport literature.

Dr. Ronald Hyatt, Editor
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