Eve Marie Carson Garden


The Eve Marie Carson Garden is intended as a place of honor for all Carolina students, past and future, who pass away before they graduate. Named for Eve Marie Carson, the student body president who was murdered in 2008, the garden is behind the Campus Y. It includes a seating area that orients people toward Polk Place, flanked by colorful seasonal shrubs and flowers that were some of Carson’s favorites. The seating area features a blue stone seat set in a traditional campus Chatham stone wall. An inscription wall, made of Georgia marble in honor of Carson’s home state, features a quote from Carson: “Learn from every single being, experience, and moment. What joy it is to search for lessons and goodness and enthusiasm in others.” The site was selected for its placement near the Carolina blue butterfly chair that was donated to the University in the days following Carson’s death. A brass plaque dedicates the sculptural bench to her. Cricket Forge, a branch of Vega Metals in Durham, has created the Butterfly Bench since 1999, but the donor of this particular bench remains anonymous.