Fostering entrepreneurship

 Carolina entrepreneurs and innovators are helping to solve some of the world’s biggest problems. Through their ingenuity, they provide economic and social value in North Carolina and beyond: creating jobs, finding cures, combatting diseases, fighting poverty, eliminating hunger, providing clean water and promoting social justice.

At UNC-Chapel Hill, we have talented and creative faculty, students and alumni who fuel innovation inside the University and then extend their ingenuity outward to make an economic and human impact across North Carolina and beyond.

Judith Cone, vice chancellor for innovation, entrepreneurship and economic development.

Judith Cone

Campus creators

  • Carolina startup takes on maternal mortality

    Founded by Carolina and Duke students, MoyoMedical is working to bring preeclampsia early-detection tests to women in developing countries.

  • Students aim to save lives

    Watchdog Medical, a startup formed by five Carolina biomedical engineering students, represented the University at the annual ACC InVenture Prize competition. The team has developed a device that could help save the lives of premature infants.

  • Mark Schoenfisch makes NO the optimistic answer

    The 2018 UNC-Chapel Hill Inventor of the Year, chemistry professor Mark Schoenfisch, has a record of bringing his research to market, where it has the potential to improve the lives of patients.

Adams Apprenticeship

In its fourth year, the apprenticeship program provides mentorship for Carolina’s top entrepreneurial students by connecting them with the University’s vast network of entrepreneur-minded funders, founders and executives to fast-track the students’ careers.

  • 277Adams Advisors
  • 118Students mentored
  • More than 2,000hours coached

The program is making an impact on the students lives, giving them the ability to change either the corporate side in developing new products and services or creating new market sectors, or on the social side providing social advantages and creating new opportunities

John Adams, founder of the Adams Apprenticeship

Learn more about the Adams Apprenticeship

John Adams

Helping students succeed

  • Building an entrepreneurial mindset

    The Shuford Program in Entrepreneurship is for students from all backgrounds who are pursuing any major across campus. The program was founded on the understanding that there is a common process for the realization of new ventures.

  • Training high-performance entrepreneurs

    Open to undergraduate and graduate students in any major, the Adams Apprentice program aims to train students for successful entrepreneurial careers, not just help them develop a current venture they’re working on.

  • Five years of launching entrepreneurs

    In its five years, the accelerator program has been home to 75 startup companies. In 2017 alone, Launch startups accounted for more than 1,100 employees and $20.6 million in revenue.