The search for a cure

With 1.1 million Americans already living with HIV and another 40,000 new cases every year, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill researchers have been working to hone treatments and find a cure for the virus for decades.

Through partnerships with pharmaceutical companies and collaborations with units across campus, Carolina HIV researchers are getting closer to a solution for the virus. They’re attacking HIV from every direction to improve the lives of patients, prevent more people from acquiring it and find a way to eradicate it entirely.

A research technician works in a lab.

UNC’s made some pretty substantial contributions. I think it’s fair to say we’re one of the largest and most effective cure groups in the country right now, if not the world.

Myron Cohen, director of the Institute for Global Health and Infection Diseases

Myron Cohen

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Leading the way to a cure

  • Detail of pipettors

    Progessing the fight against HIV

    In the past several decades, HIV has gone from being a death sentence to a virus manageable with medication. With the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill becoming a hub for HIV research, Carolina’s labs have helped push that progress along.

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    Working toward one goal

    Finding a cure for HIV is a daunting task. To solve the puzzle, UNC HIV Cure Center researchers rely on the dedication of their clinical trial participants.

  • Carolina, GSK partner to accelerate search for HIV cure

    A unique public-private collaboration created the HIV Cure Center and a new company that brings together academic and pharmaceutical research scientists.